WWE Cruiserweight Title

WWE adopted the WCW Cruiserweight Championship as its version of the Cruiserweight Championship.

Champion Date Location Event
Tajiri 10/22/01 Bakersfield, CA SmackDown
NOTES: The championship was awarded to Tajiri.
Billy Kidman 04/04/02 Rochester, NY SmackDown
Tajiri 04/21/02 Kansas City, MO Backlash
The Hurricane 05/16/02 Montreal, Quebec, Canada SmackDown
Jamie Noble 06/23/02 Columbus, OH King of the Ring
Billy Kidman 11/17/02 New York City, NY Survivor Series
Matt Hardy 02/23/03 Montreal, Quebec, Canada No Way Out
NOTES: Matt Hardy lost 10 lbs to qualify
Rey Mysterio 06/05/03 Anaheim, CA SmackDown
Tajiri 09/25/03 Philadelphia, PA SmackDown
Rey Mysterio 01/01/04 Laredo, TX SmackDown
Chavo Guerrero 02/15/04 San Francisco, CA No Way Out
Jacqueline 05/06/04 Tucson, AZ SmackDown
NOTES: Jacqueline won the title after she answered an ‘Open Challenge’.
Chavo Guerrero 05/16/04 Los Angeles, CA Judgment Day
NOTES: Chavo competed with one hand tied behind his back.
Chavo Classic 05/20/04 Las Vegas, NV SmackDown
NOTES: Beat Chavo Guerrero, Jr. and Spike Dudley in a triple threat match.
Rey Mysterio 06/17/04 Chicago, IL SmackDown
NOTES: This was Chavo Classic’s last match.
Spike Dudley 07/29/04 Cincinatti, OH SmackDown
NOTES: Won the title after interference by the Dudley Boyz.
Sho Funaki 12/12/04 Atlanta, GA Armageddon
Chavo Guerrero 02/20/05 Pittsburgh, PA No Way Out
NOTES: Won a Gauntlet Match to win the title.
Paul London 03/31/05 Houston, TX SmackDown
NOTES: Won a Battle Royal to win the title.
Nunzio 08/06/05 Bridgeport, CT Velocity
Juventud Guerrera 10/09/05 Houston, TX No Mercy
Nunzio 11/15/05 Rome, Italy Live Event
Juventud Guerrera 11/25/05 Sheffield, England SmackDown
Kid Kash 12/18/05 Providence, RI Armageddon
Gregory Helms 01/29/06 Miami, FL Royal Rumble
NOTES: Won a Cruiserweight Open Invitational match.
Chavo Guerrero 02/18/07 Los Angeles, CA No Way Out
NOTES: Won a Gauntlet match to win the title.
Hornswoggle 07/22/07 San Jose, CA Great American Bash
NOTES: Hornswoggle was not an official participant.
NOTES: Hornswoggle was stripped by Vickie Guerrero and the Cruiserweight title was quietly retired.

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