Lanny Poffo discusses the circumstances of Randy Savage’s death, and more!

Lanny PoffoRecently the Shining Wizards Podcast ( spoke with the “Genius” Lanny Poffo. about his career, the life of his brother Randy “Macho man” Savage, and more.

Here are some highlights:

On letting WWE induct Randy Savage into the Hall of Fame against Randy’s wishes, and the general lack of respect shown to him:

It occurred to me that I decided “what a minute, I’m not going to be put in the middle of all this.” The thing is the WWE did not ask my permission to run the parody of the Huckster and the Nacho Man, and I don’t have a battery of lawyers on retainer, so my belief is, do what you want. You want to honor him? Go ahead. This is the same company that didn’t send its condolences to my mother who is going to be 87 in January. Now I know they made a nice video tribute, but don’t you understand that that’s just PR. Just like when they fire you, they wish you luck on your future endeavors? That’s PR, they have a public relations department. So naturally, when somebody dies, and everybody always has, you know, because it’s either suicide or an overdose. In Randy’s case it was one of the few honorable deaths they’ve had. His toxicology report was crystal clear. Clean. And that meant a lot to me. Well, name a wrestler that died and they’ve all got something wrong with their toxicology report.

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Launch party for Evan Ginzburg’s ‘Legends TV’ takes place July 27, 2013 in NYC featuring Lanny Poffo, Edwin Vazquez and Oliver Sean

Lanny Poffo

Launch party for Evan Ginzburg’s Legends TV Saturday July 27 at Red 58 in NYC featuring Lanny Poffo, Edwin Vazquez and Oliver Sean.

It’s going to be a star-studded night with worldwide media, a red carpet, and great live performances. Open to the public, the launch party for Evan Ginzburg’s new variety/talk show, Evan Ginzburg’s Legends TV (co-hosted by Steve Ludwig) will take place July 27 from 6-10 pm at the beautiful Red 58 restaurant/bar ( in Manhattan. Located at 158 West 58th Street between 6th and 7th Avenue. such stars as Lanny “The Genius” Poffo, Edwin Vazquez, Oliver Sean and other surprise guests will be appearing.

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Recent Leapin’ Lanny Poffo interview

Lanny PoffoDavid Dexter reports that Lanny Poffo was a guest on Live Audio Wrestling Sunday night. Here are the highlights…

The issue between Vince McMahon and Randy Savage:

“If I didn’t have the guts to ask Randy to his face about what you’re referring to, then I wouldn’t dare speculate about it now.”

If the WWE has contacted the family about the Hall of Fame: 

“I got a call from John Laurinaitis before the Miami (WrestleMania), the year before last. He was real nice to me, he just forgot to extend his condolences. I’m from the old school; even if you’re glad he’s dead, just pretend like you loved him and extend your condolences. That’s all I ask. He was just trying to get my feedback on that. I said, ‘Go ahead and do it, but make sure you play the video of the Huckster and the Nacho Man,’ so he can keep it even.”