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Rocky Maivia gets interviewed by Kevin Kelly for the first time in WWF while Jim Cornette offered his managing services – WWF Superstars: December 1, 1996

The Rock generously gives each member of Nation of Domination (Mark HenryKama Mustafa and Farooq) gifts – WWF RAW: February 23, 1998

The night after Survivor SeriesThe Rock turns his back on The People and joins The Corporation to become The Corporate ChampionWWF RAW: November 16, 1998

Triple H w/Chyna celebrated his WWF Championship victory from RAW (watch here), The Rock showed up and vowed to beat HHH later and become WWF Champion! Triple H refused, saying The Rock wasn’t in his league. Then, the Commissioner Shawn Michaels came out and made the match! – WWF SmackDown (First Official Episode of SmackDown): August 26, 1999

The Rock makes fun of The Undertaker, Kane and The Big Show – WWF RAW: September 6, 1999

In a backstage interview with Michael ColeThe Rock and Mankind challanged The Big ShowViscera & Mideon for the WWF Tag Team Championships – WWF RAW: September 20, 1999

Al Snow lets Mankind find out that the book he gave to The Rock was thrown in the trash. Then Mankind gives The People’s Champ a piece of his mind. – WWF RAW: October 18, 1999

In a backstage interview with Michael ColeThe Rock lays the verbal SmackDown on the Big Bossman’s Hardcore Match challenge in becoming the number one contender. Detectives ask The Rock about his car and he let them have it. – WWF RAW: November 15, 1999

Al Snow tells Mankind how he really hates The Rock, not realising he is standing behind him. Then The Rock does a funny monologue pretending to not see Al Snow standing there while Mankind laughs. – WWF RAW: November 29, 1999

Before Royal Rumble, In a interview with Kevin Kelly, The Rock wishes “Stone Cold” Steve Austin a healthy recovery from his neck surgery and cuts a promo on The Big Show and winning the Royal Rumble match and main eventing WrestleMania – WWF RAW: January 17, 2000

In a backstage interview with Michael Cole, Chris Jericho and The Rock talk about their about their upcoming #1 contender’s match stealing each other’s lines – WWF RAW: October 30, 2000

In a backstage interview with Kevin KellyThe Rock cuts a promo on his Hell in a Cell (watch the match here) opponents (Kurt Angle, Rikishi, The Undertaker, Triple H and “Stone Cold” Steve Austin) at Armageddon – WWF RAW: December 4, 2000

In a backstage interview, Jonathan Coachman caught up with The Rock backstage and asked how his New Year was. The Rock asked Coach who his favorite musical act was and after Coach sheepishly answered Barry Manilow, The Rock demanded that Coach sing some Barry Manilow. Coach squawked out a few bars, prompting The Rock to snatch the microphone and bang on it to make sure it was working ok. He gave Coach back the mic briefly then grabbed it back and mocked his feeble attempts at singing. Then The Rock cuts promo on Booker T. – WWF SmackDown: January 3, 2002

In a backstage interview with Jonathan Coachman, The Rock was annoyed by the fact that Coach wasn’t paying enough attention to him while asked about his match at the Royal Rumble – WWF SmackDown: January 24, 2002

Goldust attempted his best impression of The Rock to Booker T. Suddenly, the The Rock came in and showed Goldust how it was really done! – WWE King of the Ring: June 23, 2002

In a backstage interview, Jonathan Coachman asked The Rock about Brock Lesnar. The usual banter between The Rock and his interviewer, accusing Jonathan Coachman of having a cow fetish! After that The Rock cuts a promo on his match against “The Nature Boy” Ric Flair – WWE RAW: July 29, 2002

The Rock cuts a heel promo on on the city of Philadelphia and his No Way Out match between him and Hulk Hogan (via Satellite from Hollywood, CA) – WWE SmackDown: February 6, 2003

In a backstage interview with Lilian Garcia and Mick Foley, The Rock showed up, grabbed the camera and walked around, bumping into Hurricane & Rosey, then Don Muraco & Jimmy Snuka. The Rock said that he was “home”!  – WWE WrestleMania XX: March 14, 2004

The following are a few promos from The Rock and John Cena rivalry over the years: