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  • June 27, 2008–Women’s Extreme Wrestling – Payback in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania at the New Alhambra Arena: Lucy Furr (Daffney) b “Pryme Time” Amy Lee and Bobcat in a 3-WAY Bridesmaids Gown Match with special referee “The Queen of Extreme” Francine, Amber O’Neal b Melissa Coates, Mercedes Martinez b Angel Orsini to become the #1 Contender for WEW World title, Christi Ricci b Cindy Rogers, USA (April Hunter & Annie Social) b CANADA (Miss Danyah & Cat Powers) in a “USA vs Canada” Match, Simply Luscious b Mercedes Martinez to retain the WEW World title, Annie Cruz b Trina Micheals in a “Adult Superstars” Match, Lucy Furr (Daffney) b Amber O’Neal, Roni Jonah & Bobcat b The Blonde Mafia (Kristin Flake & Brandi Richardson) to retain the WEW Tag Team titles, Angel Orsini b Christi Ricci, Klondyke (aka Jamie D) (CANADA) b “Pryme Time” Amy Lee (USA) in a “USA vs Canada” match..
  • November 15, 2008–Professional Girl Wrestling Association – A Banner Night in Millersville, Tennessee at the SAW Arena: Sassy Stephie b XTC, Sarah Lynn b Scarlett Rose, Tasha Simone b La-La, Scarlett Rose & Sassy Stephie & Mia Martinez b Sarah Lynn & Josianne & Angel Dust, Gary Valiant (w/Miss Boogie) & Arrick Andrews b Hammerjack & Kid Kash when Valiant hit the Boogie Blaster on Hammerjack, Mia Martinez b Angeldust, Su Yung b Josianne, Jamie D b Molotov, Tracy Taylor b Nikki Roxx in a 2/3 Falls match to win the PGWA title. Jimmie Daniel, who has been a big supporter of PGWA in the past, said he did not like this show and that it changed his opinion of women’s wrestling..
  • November 30, 2008–Great Canadian Wrestling – 3rd Annual W.I.L.D. (Wrestling’s Independent Ladies Division) Tournament in Oshawa, Ontario at the Royal Canadian Legion before 100+ fans: Deanna Conda b Charlotte Lamothe in a 1st Round match, Anna Minoushka b Karen Brooks in a 1st Round match, Jamie D w/Kim Leduc b Sabrina Kyle in a 1st Round match, Mary Lollypop b Mercy in a 1st Round match, LuFisto b Phil Latio in a Harcdore Intergender Match to retain the ALF Women’s Title, Deanna Conda b Anna Minoushka in a Semi-Final match, Jamie D w/Kim Leduc b Mary Lollypop in a Semi-Final match, “Girl Dynamite” Jennifer Blake b Miss Danyah and Cat Power in a triple threat match with special guest referee Tammy “Sunny” Sytch, Deanna Conda b Jamie D w/Kim Leduc by DQ in the WILD Finals to become the new WILD Champion (Deanna Conda knocked out Jaime D with what looked like a Pearl Necklace wrapped around her fist, she then put it in Jaime’s hand and laid down like she had been knocked out, The referee turned around and saw Jaime getting up with the weapon in her hand and DQ’d her — Post-Match Deanna Conda gives her acceptance speech and tells all the fans to kiss her ass).. [Reported by Steven Ashe]
  • September 5, 2009–NCW Femmes Fatales in Montreal, Quebec before 150 fans: Anastasia Ivy b Candygirl, Addy Starr b She Nay Nay, Portia Perez b Kylie Pierce, Kalamity b Anna Minoushka and Mary Lee Rose and Roxie Cotton in a 4-WAY, Sara Del Rey b Cherry Bomb, Kacey Diamond b Karen Brooks, MsChif b Misty Haven, LuFisto b Cheerleader Melissa..
  • February 6, 2010–NCW Femmes Fatales 2 in Montreal, Quebec: before 250 fans: Sabrina Kyle b Evelyn Fox, Eve b Kira, She Nay Nay b Karen Brooks, Anastasia Ivy & Anna Monoushka b Mary Lee Rose & PJ Tyler, Cherry Bomb b Mistress Belmont, Cat Power b LuFisto by DQ, Kacey Diamond b Midianne, Mercedes Martinez b Portia Perez, Cheerleader Melissa & LuFisto b Kalamity & Cat Power.. [reported by Patric Laprade] ..
  • June 11, 2010–NWA Ringsport Iron Girls Tournament in in Manchester, New Hampshire: Alexxis b Kimaya in a 1st round match, Ariel b Barbie in a 1st round match, Mercedes Martinez b Sammi Lane in a 1st round match, The Sheik b Antonio Thomas, Alexxis b Ariel in a 2nd round match, Sara Del Rey b Mercedes Martinez in a 2nd round match, Mistress Belmont b Awesome Kong by DQ, Sara Del Rey b Alexxis to win the Iron Girls Tournament..
  • July 4, 2010–PWWA in Sydney, Australia before 100 fans: SHIMMER champion Madison Eagles b Shazza McKenzie in a 1st Round match, Savannah Summers b Harley Wonderland in a 1st Round match, Kellie Skater b Miami in a 1st Round match, Jessie McKay b Eliza Sway in a 1st Round match, Kellie Skater b Savannah Summers in a 2nd Round match, Madison Eagles b Jesse McKay in a 2nd Round match, Jorge Del Hommos & Robbie Eagles b J.T. Robinson & Sean O’Shea, Kelly Skater b Madison Eagles in the Finals to win the tournament! — Notes: Amazing to see a wrestler using the name Sean O’Shea, who was a noted New York prosecutor who handled the government’s case in 1994 against Vince McMahon, which screwed up what – up to that point – had been a pretty stellar win/loss record in court. .. [reported by Dann Lennard]
  • July 17, 2010–WXCW in Nashville, Tennessee before 94 fans: Brittany Force & Debella b Fantasy & Jessica Wetmore, Nemesis b Sin-D, Angel Dust b Armanda Ruffen, Jessie Belle b Hecate, Miss Rachel b Camron Star, Christie Ricci b Tiffany Roxx, Tracy Taylor b Tasha Simone.. [reported by Jimmie Daniel]