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[ClickWrestle Download of the Day] Angel Orsini & Mercedes Martinez vs. Bobcat & Gorgeous George.

[OWW Radio] OWW Radio #26 hosted by Nick Anthony is now available for your listening pleasure – just do a search for “OWW Radio” on iTunes or Download the mp3 Podcast here. OWW Radio is privileged to welcome this week’s featured guest, “The Best There Is, The Best There Was, And The Best There Ever Will Be” Bret “The Hitman” Hart!

[TNA News] Spike TV will not be airing TNA Impact on Thursday, December 24th, 2009. Most of Spike TV’s regular programming is being pre-empted that day for a Star Wars marathon. Go to http://prowrestlingevents.tk or http://prowrestlingevents.webs.com for info about upcoming wrestling shows worldwide.

[TNA News] Foxsports.com has posted the three skits that Daniels shot for CUBED AOL Video.

[Indy Event] EVOLVE, the new promotion founded by Gabe Sapolsky, Davey Richards and Sal Hamaoui, put tickets on sale at www.EVOLVEwrestling.com this morning. The first event will be January 16th, 2010 in Rahway, NJ at the Rahway Rec Center. This is a great venue with 24 hour train access from New York City.

[Misc News] Tammy “Sunny” Sytch took a cheap shot at the Lesnar family via her Facebook. Sytch, who has had long standing issues with Lesnar’s wife Rena, the former WWE Diva Sable, wrote: “How long will it be before Rena leaves Brock? She’s left him twice before…once when he left the WWE, and once when the Vikings dropped him…His income flow might stop again because he’s sick….so how long will it be? I also wonder if this post will make internet news, LOL.” . [reported by Mike Aldren]

[Misc News] The Silverdome in Pontiac, MI, host to Wrestlemania III headlined by Hulk Hogan vs. Andre the Giant, sold to a Canadian real estate company for just $583,000 after a lengthy auction process. The new developer hinted that they intend to use the Silverdome to host Major League Soccer games. The sale of the Silverdome, constructed in 1975 for $55 million ($220 million in 2009 dollars), is viewed by many as symbolizing the collapse of real estate prices in the Detroit metropolitan area. . [reported by Mike Aldren]

[Diva News] Former WWE Diva and TNA Knockout, Jackie Haas was the special guest on the third episode of Diva-Dirt.com’s Women of Wrestling Podcast hosted by Stew Allen and Lee Burton. In this one-plus hour interview, Jackie discusses her run in the WWE, TNA (including where the blackmail angle was going), winning Tough Enough 2, her husband Charlie, impressions of the McMahons and much, much more. The interview can be streamed or downloaded here.

[YouTube] The new Great Muta, Bloodstained Memoirs trailer here.

[Indy Event] Paul London & Brian Kendrick will be appearing at the Big Time Wrestling event in Newark, California on January 15th, 2010. Go to http://btwrestling.com for info about BTW & http://prowrestlingevents.tk or http://prowrestlingevents.webs.com for info about upcoming wrestling shows worldwide.

[Indy Gallery] Pictures from Funkdafied Wrestling Federation’s (National Wrestling Superstars’ Delaware-based affiliate) “Toys For Tots & Funk For Fans 2009” in Christiana, DE 11/15 are now posted on the Web here.. [reported by – Mark “Foto-Mark” Engel]

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