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[Submit News] Readers are encouraged to submit news for the “OWW Daily News & Notes” page to [email protected]. Compile the important aspects of your news item or upcoming event into one small paragraph, and the chances that I will use it are almost 100%. Thank you for your support and I look forward to hearing from you soon.

[ClickWrestle News] Tax day is April 15th, and we know that money can get tight when you are trying to pay off Uncle Sam. That is why we are having our big Tax Day sale! This week you can get 25% off of all of your purchases at ClickWrestle. Just enter the code taxbreak when you are checking out, and 25% will be taken off of your entire order. This sale only lasts until April 15, so head over to www.ClickWrestle.com to take advantage of it while you can.

[ClickWrestle Download of the Day] ClickWrestle – Hardcore Match Directory.

[ClickWrestle] ClickWrestle.com has a whole new look but is offering the same amazing downloadable videos with new matches added daily. Check it out at www.clickwrestle.com

[Radio] Monday Night Mayhem’s Seven-Year Anniversary Special (Featuring: Elijah Burke’s First Post-WWE Interview, WWE No Way Out PPV Preview w/Scott Hudson, Jim Molineaux, & The History Of WWE.com’s Graham Cawthon, TNA Against All Odds PPV Fallout Coverage w/”Wild” Bill Brown, WrestleView’s Adam Martin, & Matt Morgan, Eric Bischoff, Jason Hervey, Konnan, Chavo “Classic” Guerrero, Sr., & Ed Atlas) – To listen to this milestone show, go to www.mondaynightmayhemarchives.com/waxfiles/020909.wax

[Article] Mania a show of hits and (more) misses [reported by Mike Informer]

[NWA News] “NWA Wrestling Showcase” can be seen nationally Fridays on Dish Network Ch. 9407. For more information on the National Wrestling Alliance please visit www.nwawrestling.com

[Misc News] The official Wrestlicious website has been launched at: http://wrestlicious.com

[Interview] Joey Ryan also speaks on working with MTV’s Wrestling Society X, Pro Wrestling Guerrilla, working matches with WWE, and more. You can read the complete interview at http://www.pwmania.com/interviews.php?page=joeyryan.

[Indy Event] MCPW Battle Ground III on May 16th in Kalkaska, MI at The Kaliseum with Mick Foley, plus Jimmy Jacobs vs. Tyler Black. For more information, go to www.MCPWRESTLING.com

[ClickWrestle] Professional Wrestling Video on Demand – ClickWrestle.com is now offering the 2006 and 2008 World Xtreme Wrestling “Elite 8” Women’s tournaments. Be sure to check out WXW at ClickWrestle to catch all your favorite female wrestlers.

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