Impact World Heavyweight Title


A.J. Styles06/11/03Nashville, TNTNA PPV
Jeff Jarrett10/22/03Nashville, TNTNA PPV
A.J. Styles04/21/04Nashville, TNTNA PPV
Ron Killings05/18/04Nashville, TNTNA PPV
Jeff Jarrett06/02/04Nashville, TNTNA PPV
A.J. Styles05/15/05Orlando, FLHard Justice
Raven06/19/05Orlando, FLSlammiversary
Jeff Jarrett09/15/05Windsor, Ontario, CanadaBorder City Wrestling
Rhino10/23/05Orlando, FLBound For Glory
Jeff Jarrett11/03/05Orlando, FLPrime Time Special
Christian Cage02/12/06Orlando, FLAgainst All Odds
Jeff Jarrett06/18/06Orlando, FLSlammiversary
NOTES: Jeff Jarrett won a 'King of the Mountain' match against Christian Cage, Abyss, Ron Killings, and Sting.
Sting10/22/06Detroit, MIBound For Glory
Abyss11/19/06Orlando, FLGenesis
NOTES: Abyss defeated Sting by disqualification.
Christian Cage01/14/07Orlando, FLFinal Resolution
NOTES: Christian Cage defeated Abyss (c) and Sting
Kurt Angle05/13/07Orlando, FLSacrifice
NOTES: The NWA severed ties with TNA and pulled the NWA championships. TNA created their own world title and set up a 'King of the Mountain' match to crown the first champion.
Kurt Angle06/17/07Nashville, TNSlammiversary
NOTES: Kurt Angle became the first ever TNA World champion by winning a 'King of the Mountain' match against Samoa Joe, Christian Cage, A.J. Styles, and Chris Harris.
Sting10/14/07Atlanta, GABound For Glory
Kurt Angle10/25/07Orlando, FLTNA IMPACT
Samoa Joe04/13/08Lowel, MALockdown
NOTES: Samoa Joe defeated Kurt Angle in an MMA-style 'Six Sides of Steel' match
Booker T07/13/08Houston, TXVictory Road
NOTES: Booker T was stripped and the title was returned to Samoa Joe. Joe allowed Booker to hold onto the belt until he beat him for it at Victory Road on 7/13. Booker T's title reign is not recognized by TNA.
Sting10/12/08Chicago, ILBound For Glory
NOTES: Sting defeated Samoa Joe.
Mick Foley04/19/09Philadelphia, PALockDown
NOTES: Mick Foley defeated Sting inside 'Six Sides of Steel'.
Kurt Angle06/21/09Detroit, MISlammiversary
NOTES: Kurt Angle defeated Mick Foley (c) and Jeff Jarrett and A.J. Styles and Samoa Joe in a 'King of the Mountain' match (with help from Joe) to win the TNA world heavyweight title.
A.J. Styles09/20/09Orlando, FLNo Surrender
NOTES: A.J. Styles defeated Kurt Angle (c) and Sting and Matt Morgan in a 4-corners match to win the TNA world heavyweight title.
Rob Van Dam04/19/10Orlando, FLTNA IMPACT
NOTES: RVD was stripped after he was attacked by The Monster Abyss.
Jeff Hardy10/10/10Daytona Beach, FLBound For Glory
NOTES: Jeff Hardy defeated Mr. Anderson and Kurt Angle in a triple threat match for the vacant TNA World title with help from Hulk Hogan and Eric Bischoff. Hardy turned heel and became the figurehead of a Bischoff/Hogan-led faction known as "Immortal."
Mr. Anderson01/09/11Orlando, FLGENESIS
Jeff Hardy02/13/11Orlando, FLAgainst All Odds
NOTES: Jeff Hardy defeated Mr. Anderson in a ladder match.
Sting03/03/11Orlando, FLTNA IMPACT
Mr. Anderson06/12/11Orlando, FLSlammiversary
Sting07/14/11Orlando, FLTNA IMPACT
Kurt Angle08/07/11Orlando, FLHardcore Justice
James Storm10/20/11Orlando, FLTNA IMPACT
Bobby Roode11/03/11Macon, GATNA IMPACT
NOTES: Bobby Roode turned on long-time partner James Storm!
Austin Aries07/08/12Orlando, FLDestination X
Jeff Hardy10/14/12Phoenix, AZBound for Glory
Bully Ray03/10/13San Antonio, TXLockdown
Chris Sabin07/18/13Louisville, KYDestination X
Bully Ray08/15/13Norfolk, VAHardcore Justice
AJ Styles10/20/13San Diego, CABound For Glory
Title vacant10/31/13n/aTNA IMPACT
NOTES: Title stripped by TNA President Dixie Carter due to a storyline contract dispute. Styles continued to defend the title in other promotions after supposedly leaving TNA.
Magnus12/19/13Orlando, FLFinal Resolution
NOTES: This was the final match in the TNA world heavyweight championship tournament.
Magnus01/09/14Orlando, FLTNA IMPACT
NOTES: AJ Styles returned and claimed he was the TNA world heavyweight champion. Dixie Carter signed a 'no disqualification, title unification' match to crown the undisputed TNA world heavyweight champion.
Eric Young04/10/14Orlando, FLTNA IMPACT
Lashley06/19/14Bethlehem, PATNA IMPACT
Bobby Roode10/29/14Bethlehem, PATNA IMPACT
Lashley01/07/15New York, NYTNA IMPACT
Kurt Angle03/20/15London, EnglandTNA IMPACT
Ethan Carter III07/01/15Orlando, FLTNA IMPACT
Matt Hardy10/04/15Charlotte, NCTNA Bound for Glory
Title vacant10/06/15n/aTNA IMPACT
NOTES: Title vacated due to a legal injunction filed by Ethan Carter III as part of the storyline.
Ethan Carter III01/05/16Bethlehem, PATNA IMPACT
NOTES: ECIII won the vacant title by defeating Matt Hardy in the finals of a tournament.
Matt Hardy01/19/16Orlando, FLTNA IMPACT
Drew Galloway03/15/16Orlando, FLTNA IMPACT
NOTES: Drew Galloway defeated champion Matt Hardy, Jeff Hardy, and ECIII by cashing in his briefcase and interfering in the match.
Lashley06/12/16Orlando, FLSlammiversary 2016
Eddie Edwards10/06/16Orlando, FLTNA IMPACT
Lashley01/26/17Orlando, FLTNA IMPACT
NOTES: Lashley defeated TNA world heavyweight champion Eddie Edwards in a 30-minute Iron Man match to win the title (3 falls to 2).
Alberto El Patron03/09/17Orlando, FLIMPACT
Lashley03/15/17Orlando, FLImpact offices
NOTES: Lashley was reinstated TNA world heavyweight champion by new Impact management.  Alberto El Patron's previous victory was overturned. 
Eli Drake08/24/2017Orlando, FLImpact offices
Austin Aries02/01/2018Orlando, FlImpact offices
Pentagon Jr.04/22/18Orlando, FlImpact offices
Austin Aries05/31/18Orlando, FlImpact offices
Johnny ImpactJohnny Impact10/14/18New York City, NYImpact offices
Brian Cage04/28/19Toronto, CAImpact offices
Sami Callihan10/29/2019Windsor, CAImpact Offices
Tessa Blanchard01/12/2020Dallas, TXImpact Offices
Eddie Edwards07/18/2020Nashville, TNImpact Offices
Eric Young09/01/2020Nashville, TNImpact Offices
Rich Swann10/24/2020Nashville, TNImpact Offices
Kenny Omega04/25/2021Nashville, TNImpact Offices
Christian Cage08/13/2021Pittsburgh, PAAEW Arena